The government has more and more requirements for living and working fireproof. When you want to build or rebuild, you have to meet the requirements of the building decree. By these decrees the government wants to limit the chance for fire to start, develop or enlarge. To meet these requirements, there are several products on the market.
Permoxx is a specialized company that offers fire-resistant sheets. These fire-resistant sheets meet all requirements. We have several test reports and certificates.

Permoxxboard is fire-resistant sheet material that you can use for the building of fire-retarding and fire-resisting ceilings, partition walls, secondary walls and shaft walls, and for the covering of pillars and joists. Permoxx fire-resistant sheets are also applicable for the production of fire-resistant panels.

How to use Permoxx board?

You can use Permoxxboard for a wide range of applications. It can be used for the building of houses, commercial and industrial building like hospitals, government buildings, shops, restaurants and hotels, agricultural building, renovation etc. The fire-resistant sheet material of Permoxx can also be used in combination with fire-resistant through penetrations, other fire-resistant or fire-retarding materials, wood or sheets. Everywhere where fireproof living and working is demanded, you can use Permoxxboard.