The organisation

Permoxx, situated in Ede in the Veluwe, is the specialist on the field of fire-resistant sheet materials. More than 5 years ago Permoxx started on the Dutch market as the first supplier of magnesiumoxideboard to industry and builders merchants. Meanwhile Penoxx has a broad trading network in Europe. In the Netherlands this network has grown to more than 150 dealers where Permoxxboard and supplementary products are on the shelves.

Nowadays it is more and more important to serve the customer in the short. Maximum accessability and service are by Permoxx considered as something of paramount importance. Permoxx has arranged its organisation so, that it can deliver quickly via several dealers. Permoxx highly values cooperation. So we can offer our customers a total package, and serve them better in projects and unusual cases.

Permoxx stands for innovation, service and quickness!