Nowadays more and more steel pillars and joists are used when building, rebuilding or expanding. Here there are several requirements concerning living and working in a fire-safe environment. Permoxx has the solution to make the steel constructions fire-resistant. With the fire-resistant sheets of Permoxx they will meet the requirements and are fire-resistant.

The fire-resistant sheet material of Permoxx offers you many advantages. It is easy to use, simply to fix and quickly to finish with stucco or paint. It is not required to have the coverage checked every five years; once in ten years will do!

Permoxx offers you fire-resistant solutions by fire-resistant covering of joists and pillars. Click on one of the processing instructions below:


Permoxxboard can also be used comnined with other fire-resisting sheet materials, fire-resistant materials or fire-resistant through penetrations. Obtain expert advice at one of our sales points (Permoxx dealers) or contact us.